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As small business owners, we have always known how important it is to articulate our value to our customers. This is probably on auto-pilot for many of us. But what happens when a pandemic like COVID comes into play and rocks us all sideways? We may just need to go that extra step and look deeper into ourselves and work out what truly makes us a Rockstar. What do people really need from us and how do we pivot to ensure this quality remains at the fore-font of our business value proposition? 

You need to establish your X FACTOR. The thing that makes you unique. Competition becomes pointless when we clearly tune into and express our X Factor, because nobody can truly do this but YOU.

Before we unpack your X FACTOR… let’s quickly review what goes on in the minds of customers when they buy. This is a well-studied topic and certainly not my original idea. 

#1 Threat or Reward. The reptilian brain decides pretty quickly whether your business offers them a reward (nice ham and cheese toastie!) or a threat (you better get life insurance to protect your kids). Which does your business offer? Let’s say you are in the hospitality/café business. You are ALWAYS a reward proposition as people need food for soothing, celebration and social connection. 

#2 Values Match. The limbic (emotional) brain of a customer wants to see if you are ALIGNED to their inner values. Using the example of the cafe. Does this café offer organic or vegan options? If I am vegan, then it will align to me. THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL strategy as humans are all driven by emotion (once the reptilian brain decides yes or no to the option). Your X FACTOR usually seals the deal here. Your X Factor is largely what sells to the limbic brain. More on X Factor after point 3.  

#3 Rational Decision. The cerebral cortex (front brain) will decide and clarify if I can afford this café and how close in proximity it is to my home. Not a powerful driver though because if the LIMBIC brain says a big yes, dammit it, I’m going to drive a long way to get that chai vegan latte!

Let’s unpack the X FACTOR 

Your X Factor is what your customer’s limbic brain tunes into and decides how aligned you are with them. This could be a quality such as deep warmth (you greet every customer so warmly they need that kick of love daily), exceptional drinks/coffee menu that goes beyond the 101 café list OR it could be that there is a deeply philosophical quote or question you pose everyday that lights up a customers world. Especially in this strange time of isolation, any kind of connecting gesture or hope can shift someone’s perspective and that is GOLD. As a business owner, this needs to be your authentic vibration. You cannot fake this GOLDEN quality. Think about what people/customers really love and need you for and don’t be afraid to AMP it up right now and send out that invisible vibration that you are open for sharing your good vibes. 

I recently noticed a book shop in Byron offer to deliver purchases to the customers home after hours each evening when the full lockdown was in place. What a brilliant way of showing personalised care! Getting creative with your ‘already unique talent’ will be a way to build long term success and get through short term pain. Enjoy the process of finding more about what makes you unique, and keep this front of mind long term so you are always evolving and growing your business ideas to the next level. If unsure where to start, ask 3 of your long-term customers why they do business with you. 

 This post was written by Debbie Pask of Zenful Business

Debbie PaskDebbie has a background in board level advertising, a degree in philosophy and extensive training in eastern psychology, meditation and indigenous tools and understandings. She infuses all of these parts together to create a unique approach to business performance. She bridges the world of intuition and business, creating stronger, confident executives who know how to manage their energy, their mind and performance. Unlike many other consultants in the wellness space, Debbie has been teaching, training and utilising these unique tools in a live environment for over 15 years. Aside from her career at Saatchi and Saatchi & George Patterson Bates, Debbie has coached individual professionals who work in professional sports, creative performance, lawyers, CEO’s, tech companies, Amazon execs, interior designers, tv presenters, marketing directors, digital companies and more. She has a global presence and regularly skypes with Japan, South Africa, Singapore, United States, UK and more.