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So much has changed for BYS in 2 years.  At the beginning of last year BYS was facing a multitude of challenges … morale was low, finances were bottoming out and restricting our ability to fund a manager, writing grants was challenging (lack of grant writers), and there were legal challenges from a number of quarters.

A bleak picture … very much so.

During the early part of the year Adam Collett visited us and straight away the future of BYS was brighter.  Adam awakened in us many possibilities and through him we met with many members of the Chamber. We met Todd and his influence, goodwill and generosity of heart was and is important to us.  

Many opportunities arose through connecting with the Chamber and many of its members, which in itself was an important opportunity.  We were and are still invited to many events across a broad spectrum of expertise and experience. It was at a Chamber event at The Farm that Ryan Sharpley (CEO of The Farm), touched by our pitch to the guests, became a Board member.  He is now nominating as treasurer.

Networking and promotion was not on the radar at the beginning of 2018.  We were so stretched and exhausted, however this became more and more possible after a year of  ‘nose to the grindstone’. A year of hard work and commitment from the Team at BYS, grant application success, the recruitment of a manager, coupled with the generous support of the Chamber allowed a few of us to concentrate on marketing, networking and promotion.

What I can say with great satisfaction is that BYS has now developed its technology into the 21st Century, upgrading systems and procedures in keeping with a modern workplace.  Thank you to Katie Grubb, and the team for embracing the change she began. We now have a team of grant writers who have been extremely successful in attaining grants. Morale is at an all time high.  A manager has been appointed. There is a strong Board of 10, each of whom has valuable expertise in varied areas. Collaboration and partnerships are increasing. 

We still have a number of challenges, not the least of which is lack of unrestricted funding and a vulnerable building (lack of a secure fence).  Although daunting at times, these challenges are being dealt with and solutions are will be found. I am confident of this because of all that you as individuals and as a collective have engendered in us by your support.

A helping hand, support and an acknowledgement that BYS as a not for profit charity working with youth for 36 years is deserving of support and success because in our community YOUNG PEOPLE MATTER.