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At Smartass Undies, we’re getting revved up and sweaty to support’s PSS Challenge. The challenge is to commit to doing Pushups, Situps and Squats every day for the month of March to raise funds to plant trees to re-wild our planet.

Planting trees is the most efficient and cost-effective way of capturing carbon as part of climate change mitigation. Every dollar raised will plant a tree. Tree planting will be managed by the Rainforest 4 Foundation.

If you’d like to contribute to our fundraising efforts click here

Better still, take the challenge, we dare you, sign up here and join our Smartass Undies team to re-wild our planet.

How many reps you set as a goal is, well, up to you, depending on your current fitness level. A suggested starting point is 10 reps of each, each day. A couple of our whacky team members are going for 100.

An alternate way of supporting the mission is to shop at our online store, as a profit-for-purpose biz, 50% of our profits are committed to the planting of trees and saving of rainforest, we’re going HalfCut not HalfAssed.