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We at Smartass Undies are committing 50% of our profits to the planting of trees and saving precious rainforests.
We’ve been so moved and motivated by Sir David Attenborough’s witness statement that we’ve decided not to be HalfAssed about things and increase our commitment to addressing the most pressing issue to mankind, climate change.
We’ve partnered with to support the Trillion Tree Campaign along with ongoing efforts to save our threatened rainforest and place it back in the care of traditional custodians. Trees are the most efficient way of absorbing atmospheric carbon.
If you or someone you know could do with some fresh undies with a splash of cheeky ass positivity that makes a difference to mindset and our planet, then pop into our online shop now.
Hint, hint, with Christmas just around the corner order now to avoid postal congestion. Let us have the pleasure of covering your ass😉
PS. For 2021 we’re looking for local retailers who would be interested in stocking our unconventional tools for motivation. Please reach out if you’re interested.
Brendan Lo
founder of smartass undies
Insta & FB @smartassundies