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Balcony Bar & Oyster Coʼs annual Oyster Festival is soon to hit the buzzing streets of Byron Bay. For the 5th year running the mollusk madness will be shucking like crazy with an array of activities and offers to entice all those oyster lovers out there. 

The festival boasts the largest selection of oysters, with rock and pacific varieties showcased from around the Australian coastline. The freshest, most decadent oysters will be delivered daily to Balcony Bar for oyster aficionados to slurp on all month long. 

“This is one of my favourite times of the year, and the Oyster Festival is our way of celebrating Australia’s great producers and sharing our passion for these delicious morsels”, says Executive Chef Sean Connolly. 

So, whatʼs on for the festival? 

  • Oyster Hour 

The Balcony Byron Bay Chamber

Balcony’s near famous Oyster Hour of Power will be shucking daily between 5-6pm and sure to have you singing ‘the world is your oyster’ from their balcony. Fresh is best, shucked to order and served with lemon & of course Sean Connolly’s hot sauce. 

  • Dressed to Impress As the name states, exquisite oysters dressed in tasty goodness. Enjoy Xo, Black Bean & Orange or perhaps Kimchi vinaigrette, whatever it may be expect a hint of amazingness on your tongue which will tingle for more. 
  • Oyster Shooters Although champagne always goes hand in hand with your bivalves we all know the real aphrodisiac is slurped back as a shooter. Balcony’s house made Bloody Mary is always a favourite but further likes such as the brookie’s granita or Tequila Jalapeno are bound to have your mouth watering.
  • The Royal Shuck Off Join the Balcony for The Royal Shuck off where you will shuck, slurp & repeat to take out the title for the King or Queen of the bivalve. Yes, it’s an oyster eating competition but don’t worry you have three weeks to up the mollusk and become the taker for the record.