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Savvy Beverages have worked with nutritionists and food scientists to nutritionally upgrade coffee with added ingredients to give your brain a boost!

Each coffee is 87% organic Arabica Coffee, and 13% herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamins that help you to improve focus, reduce stress and boost your mood.

The best part is that it tastes better than any other coffee pod on the market, and the benefits are so much better than your average cuppa!!

The coffee pods are the only fully certified compostable and biodegradable pod on the market and are made completely of plant-based materials.

Savvy is an eco-friendly startup that donates a percentage of profits to Life Education (Healthy Harold) and also cares a lot about helping people to get the most out of every day in the healthiest way.

We also are launching Australia‚Äôs first healthy energy drink in September! We are challenging the status quo of the energy drink market with healthier alternatives that are better for your brain and body. This helps to combat some of the main issues in Australia today, mental health, diabetes and obesity. It gives Australians a chance to say “no” to products that are detrimental to their health and provides them with a better and healthier alternative. Our brain, body and mood-boosting drink was developed to provide optimal nutrition and improve mental function, focus and performance while naturally assisting with the ability to combat mental fatigue, anxiety and stress. Half of the ingredients help to enhance performance and keep you feeling great while the other half improve mood while reducing stress and anxiety.

Every single ingredient has volumes of benefits and decades of heavy scientific research behind it making it the epitome of intelligent nutrition with a delicious taste.