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We believe young people thrive when they’re connected – to each other, to nature, and to their communities. In regional areas like ours, young people are often asked to overcome emotional, geographic and financial barriers to receive the essential mental health support they desperately need. Our goal is to fundamentally change this – offering early intervention therapeutic support that reaches young people all across the Northern Rivers region, many of whom have experiences of complex trauma and face significant mental health issues. 

The Human Nature model takes young people aged 14 – 24 out of clinical settings and into nature, where they work with a diverse team of social workers, psychologists and therapeutic mentors. In all our programs, we are inspired by nature – from our intensive Recre8 program which delivers over 200 hours of therapeutic support during a 10-day expedition for a group of 12 young people, to our Activ8 program which offers individual therapeutic sessions outdoors. In these safe and supportive environments, our participants experience impactful changes in their lives, as they overcome their challenges and learn to thrive. 

The past few years have taken a massive toll on young people’s mental health. So many young people are in crisis and the professional support they desperately need is often unaffordable, inaccessible, unappealing or only available when they are so ill they require hospitalisation. Human Nature’s approach of providing tailored, connected outreach therapy and mentoring works and it’s the reason we consistently have 100% engagement in our programs. 

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