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Guest Post by Keith Whelan of

For a lot of Businesses, Writing a Grant Application is one of the hardest things that a Business will have to undertake. This is because of the time and capacity involved in not only applying for a grant but also delivering on it. Businesses need to understand the benchmarks – return on investment and key performance indicators – they must deliver on in terms of the grant. 

Here are the Top Ten Tips a Business needs to keep in mind when writing a grant application: 

  1. Establish a business relationship in advance with Funding Body 
  2. Answer all the questions on the grant application 
  3. Try not to waffle in your answers 
  4. Make it clear what’s the return on investment 
  5. Be direct in your answering of questions – clear, concise and compelling 
  6. Avoid sweeping, generic statements 
  7. Provide examples, if possible, of previous grant funding received 
  8. Presentation & Layout of answers – make sure it looks professional 
  9. Provide a business case with an associated budget 
  10. Make it word perfect – an old journalistic adage – count your words and make your words count.

Submitting a Grant Application submission needs to state how your business will provide value for money, not that that your business will provide value for money. 

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