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Foods That Love You Back Pty Ltd is dedicated to implementing change by educating its consumers on the science of food, and launching its living-food range with a selection of the most nutrient-dense food sustainably to promote better health, prevent and reverse chronic disease.  

We are offering a completely new product line of natural health foods to Australian consumers.  

Microgreens are a living-food specifically addressing the health challenges facing the world today including;  malnutrition, exposure to toxins, big-industry dominance and other lifestyle challenges.  

Microgreens have up to 70 x times more nutrients than any other vegetable or leafy green. By comparison, 30  grams of Broccoli Microgreens is the equivalent of 3.5 kg of Broccoli.  

Chronic disease is the biggest threat to our health and happiness, especially for the young, who bear the brunt of these lifestyle issues. In 2018, only 4% of children consumed enough vegetable- based nutrition in Australia, and  50% of the population including kids have 1 or more chronic disease. We know heart, diabetes, cancer, dementia,  autoimmune disease, and many more, are caused by our lifestyle and corrupted food choices.  

Microgreens offer immune system support, cardiovascular support, cognitive support, and cellular health support. It has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s packed with essential nutrients for overall health, also safer, more affordable and potent than any supplement you can get.  

We advocate change in our food system, because the solution for health is not healthcare – it is actually our food  system. We need to understand the science of food, and the impact food has on our body and mind. Our food choices have become corrupted and we know there is a link between the food we eat, mental health and chronic disease. 

We give people an opportunity to regain the health they deserve using food as medicine.

Byron Bay Foods That Love You Back

With the launch of our fully enclosed Ag-Tech Farm, the first of its kind worldwide, we are changing the way food is grown, used and distributed.  

Ag-Tech enables us to grow sustainably, harvesting exceptional produce every week, all year round. We use less energy, 95% less water and no nasties of any kind. We have full control of every aspect of the growth cycle, to promote maximum freshness and nutritional value.  

We believe the commercial food industry is at the nexus of the world’s health, economic, environmental, climate,  social and even political crises we see today.  

Our ethics and sustainability are clear, we are aligned to B Corp business values, we are here to serve humanity and take part in shaping a better future. Byron Bay Foods That Love You Back 

Elle Astrup is a Health & Lifestyle Activist, dedicated to revolutionising the concept of food as medicine,  and using the science of food to prevent and reverse chronic disease.  

Elle Astrup is a Health & Lifestyle Activist, dedicated to revolutionising the concept of food as medicine, and using the science of food to prevent and reverse chronic disease. When her mother was diagnosed with stage 3 to 4 cancer, she re-trained as a Health Educator in the USA.  They established progressive protocols using food as medicine, 6 years later, Elle’s mother is in excellent health without any traditional treatment and Elle has launched FTLYB in Australia.  

Her training and 15 years of working with functional movement through Yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong have empowered and facilitated lifestyle changes that last. She has a background in European TV and Media as a photographer, journalist, and founder and holds a MA in Media & Communications.  

A Norwegian national, she has spent a significant part of her life in the South of France and is now building her legacy in Byron Bay, Australia. Elle is a Social Ecopreneur and Ag-Techpreneu, the foundress and CEO of Foods That Love You Back Pty Ltd, based in Byron Bay Australia. 


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