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Image Credit: BBCC Member Beef & Beach

Council’s Health Officers will be out and about across the Byron Shire in coming weeks helping businesses with their COVID safety measures.

The NSW Government has directed certain businesses to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus in the community.

“There would not be one business in our Shire that is not hoping for things to return to normal as soon as possible and while some operators are closely observing the rules, others are not fully aware of the range of procedures that now need to be in place and this is where we can help out,” Byron Shire Mayor, Simon Richardson said.

Some businesses in NSW now need to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan that provides information about the hygiene, record-keeping and social distancing measures that are in place.

“Our Health Officers will be particularly focusing on cafes, restaurants and other food premises to check safety plans and make sure they are being applied.

“We recognise that it is really difficult for some businesses, already struggling financially, to keep across the changes and this is where Council staff can help,” Mayor Richardson said.

“Staff will be dropping into food-based businesses to have a chat with people, checking that they are aware of the new rules and regulations and answering any questions.Council has been directed by the NSW Government to step into this space to help reduce the chances of COVID-19 outbreaks.The health and safety of our residents, and visitors, is our primary concern and Council will do all it can to help where it can,” Mayor Richardson said.

Information for businesses is available at

For media enquiries contact Annie Lewis, Media and Communications Coordinator, on 6626 7320.