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Restaurants, bars and cafes across Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers are joining forces with an initiative which spans  over various venues from Friday 6 November to raise awareness and support for Melbourne’s hospitality industry. Organisers are inviting everyone to spread the word and get involved. So far, the stellar chef and restaurant line-up includes David Moyle (Harvest Newrybar, Barrio Eatery & Bar), Jason Saxby (Raes at Wategoes), Darren Robertson (Three Blue Ducks), Josh Lewis (Fleet), Ben Devlin (Pipit), David Lovett, Jason Barratt (Paper Daisy), Giorgio Ravelli  (Cadeau) and Wal Foster-Eyles (Natural Ice-cream Australia).  

The latest COVID-19 restrictions relating to hospitality venues are having a profound effect on business and, if they  continue, will lead to the demise of thousands of restaurants, bars, clubs and other related businesses, leaving a large  proportion of Melbourne’s hospitality workforce out of a job.  

Byron for Melbourne is for anyone who works in, or is connected to hospitality, including: chefs, restaurateurs, operators,  owners, GMs, sommeliers, waiting staff, bartenders, managers, KPs, publicans, caterers, producers, suppliers, PRs,  buyers, hoteliers, baristas, marketing teams, events teams, cleaning staff, writers, publishers…the list goes on. 

Tristan Grier, co-owner of Harvest Newrybar says: “We hope that by joining forces as a region we can help those  affected by the COVID restrictions in Melbourne and provide much needed donations via Tip Jar charity. By spreading  the news quickly, we can encourage more restaurants and chefs to get involved – from Byron to the Northern Rivers,  and beyond.” 

Anthea Loucas Bosha, CEO Melbourne Food and Wine says: “If nothing else, 2020 has shown that Australian hospitality  takes its duty of looking after people well beyond the table, the kitchen and the bar. Right from the start of the year,  hospitality people were among the first to swing into action raising money and feeding people affected by the bushfires  and now, in the thick of a global health crisis, even as hospitality faces its biggest challenges in living memory, the first 

instinct from people in the trade is to ask how they can help out others who are doing it tough.” 

Michael Bascetta, founder of Tip Jar hospitality relief charity says: “It’s great to feel the support from the hospitality  industry outside Melbourne. The funds will go directly towards saving our great Australian hospitality industry and the  people in it. If even just a fraction of Australia donates just a $10 tip, we’ll be able to immediately begin helping those  individuals who need it most right now. If there was ever a time to give a tip, it’s now. Restrictions are lifting but we are  still at limited capacity, with a huge number of people at risk of not receiving their previous standard working hours.” 

Melbourne’s favourite Brick Lane Brewery will sponsor the Byron for Melbourne initiative. They have also teamed up  with Carwyn Cellars to create a special brew called All Together with proceeds from every sale (in venues, stores and  online) donated to Covid-19 Employee Assistance Directive. Founder Paul Bowker says: “Brick Lane has always had  community at the heart of everything we do. We simply couldn’t exist without good people supporting us, till now, in  social gatherings over a beer. This is our way to help our communities, help each other, while enjoying a beer… just  not face to face (for now).” 

Made in the Shade group will be also be sponsoring the initiative with their new release bottled spritz cocktails. There  are many ways that people nationwide can support Melbourne the hospitality including donating direct to Tip Jar  charity, purchasing All Together beer online at Brick Lane Brewery, and Melbourne MixTape from the Everleigh  Bottling Co – a mixed pack of single-serve cocktails from 8 of Melbourne’s best bars.


There are no rules, this is a community event to raise awareness and funds for the hospitality industry in Melbourne,  just do what you can to get involved. Suggestions below:  

  • Prepare a special set menu for the night  
  • Encourage guests to book your private dining room  
  • Pour Victorian wines and beer 
  • Create a special cocktail using Victorian spirits  
  • Raffle prizes, silent auction  
  • Share flyers with guests in the lead up to the event 
  • Create a Tip Jar at check-out for customers to donate direct 
  • Add a link to Tip Jar to your website and socials and encourage customers to donate 
  • Tag us in your Instagram posts and stories and we will help promote what you are offering Let’s work together to raise awareness via #ByronForMelbourne and donate to Tip Jar Charity


Tell as many people within your workplace/network about the fundraiser and urge them to join.  Share a post on your social media channels using #BYRONFORMELBOURNE #GIVEATIP 


Tip Jar is a relief fund dedicated to supporting and helping those in need in the hospitality industry. They raise funds  and distribute the money across multiple charities – all focused on feeding, housing, employing, upskilling and  supporting the food and beverage industry. 

For more information, please contact: Georgia Bateman / 0402 830 056