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Did you spill some wine on your suit? Or did your dog pee on the doona? No worries!

A mobile dry cleaning and laundry service is now available in Byron Bay and surrounding towns. Servicing both businesses and residential clients, Laundry Co picks up, cleans and delivers back to you in a planet friendly electric van. 

No more need to waste your time on laundry, just order Laundry Co today…or walk around in the nudie tomorrow. 

Laundry Co services include:

  • dry cleaning 
  • laundry 
  • leather cleaning
  • household items (cushion covers, curtains, doonas..)
  • kitchen linen 
  • bedding
  • wedding dresses

A convenient and reliable service for all your business-specific and personal dry cleaning & laundry needs.

Now you can really enjoy a sunny day in the bay 🙂 

Byron Bay Laundry Co.
+61 484 895 280