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Did you know that by joining the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce, you also get access to our Business NSW Alliance benefits?

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Byron Bay Chamber x Business NSW Alliance

Business NSW – Maximising your business potential

Tracing our heritage back to 1826, Business NSW’s mission is to create a better Australia by helping businesses maximise their potential.

Business NSW is a passionate advocate for business in the public arena: whether standing up to government and decision makers when business interests are neglected or working together to create positive change.

Business NSW helps all businesses from small enterprises to maximise their business potential.

Our commercial services division, Australian Business Solutions Group, delivers a range of business services to both member and non-member clients throughout Australia, with the operating surplus going back to supporting Chamber initiatives.

We believe it’s important for Australia’s business community to succeed, because prosperity creates new jobs, social wealth, and better communities in which to live.

Business NSW can help your business in the following ways:

  • Create better business to business connections
  • Public policy and advocacy
  • Providing local, regional and state-wide business support
  • Helping you to increase productivity and productivity through expert advice and business solutions

Uniting the Chamber movement in NSW: Business NSW Alliance Program

The Business NSW Alliance Program has been developed to strengthen the relationship between the Business NSW and the Local Chambers of Commerce within NSW.

This program represents a significant opportunity to unite the Chamber movement and provide members of the Local Chamber access to benefits of the Business NSW at no additional cost.

The objectives and benefits of the program are:

  • Foster and develop a co-operative, non-competitive relationship between the NSW Business Chamber and the Local Chamber movement by offering Local Chambers a limited Business NSWmembership for their members. This dual membership arrangement strengthens the value proposition of the Local Chamber membership and removes the concerns around competition for membership.
  • Access to advice, tools, products and services from the Business NSW to help your members business and assist the Local Chamber to grow and retain its membership base.

Create one voice for business in NSW and the Business NSW Alliance movement to represent business interests at a local, regional, state and federal level. This will be achieved through Local Chamber engagement with us at our policy forums, information on media releases, engagement with Relationship Managers.



Local Chamber Member Entitlements

 Inclusion  Entitlement  About your entitlement
 Member  Directory  Unlimited  Raise your profile and promote your business to the wider  business  community. Expand your business networks and  promote offers or  exclusive  incentives to other members  through your customisable  listing  in the  directory
 Business  Hotline
 13 26 96
 Unlimited Calls  With just one call you are connected to the right information,  support  and  advise for all your business questions

 Advise Line  Calls

Workplace  and  Legal
 13 29 59

 13 26 96


 3 calls per  annum  (Calls  can  be used in  any  combination)

A dedicated phone service providing members with specialist  advice  in the  areas of HR, Legal and Marketing.

Have your queries answered in one call, or is more complex  advise  is  required, an outline on how best to proceed will  be given.  Either  way,  you  will enjoy the peace of mind  knowing that you’re getting  trusted  professional  advice.  Legal calls cover areas such as  Governance,  Dispute  resolution,  Commercial Transactions,  Intellectual Property,  Competition & Consumer Law  etc, industrial  relations HR  sample topics  include wage rates, long service l  leave,  sick leave. Marketing calls  include marketing strategy,  Social media  and website development.

 Ask Us How  Unlimited access  A series of detailed reference guides covering a range of  business  issues,  such as sales, marketing, business  planning, WHS, people  management  and finance.
 Networking  and  educational  events &  Webinars  Local  Chamber member  rates  NSW Business Chamber events & webinars are run regularly  across  the state to help you increase your business network  and stay up to  date with topical business issues and  matters.
 Business  magazine  Quarterly  Keeping your up-to-date with the latest business news and  trends  across NSW and Australia
 e-Newsletter  Monthly  Member only e-newsletter updating you on the latest news  and  trends for your region
 Business  Legals  Toolkit

 Access to sample  documents  included

Full version  available at  member rates

 Online access to legally approved commercial agreements,  templates  and other essential business documents.
 Free trial of  Workplace  OHS  14 day trial  Workplace OHS is an online resource that helps make your  workplace safe and helps meet your jOHS and safety  obligations.
 Free trial of  WorkplaceInfo  14 day trail  WorkplaceInfo is the ultimate online workplace relations  Resource  that helps you manage all your IR, HR and Payroll  matters.

* Byron Bay Chamber members can upgrade to full Business NSW membership at a 20% discount on condition of retaining Local Chamber membership.

Call 13 26 96 |

If you are an active financial member of the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce, you are entitled to activate your membership with Business NSW.