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Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce

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Our Purpose

The Byron Bay Chamber is dedicated to advancing and promoting the interests of local businesses by fostering collaboration and economic growth. Our aim is to support prosperity for our members, enhance the well-being of the broader community, and uphold Byron Bay’s reputation as a vibrant, values-driven place to do business.


We advocate for member businesses by representing their interests on local issues, solving problems as they arise, and providing guidance and confidential feedback on specific challenges. We also facilitate connections within our community to amplify members’ voices and ensure their concerns and ideas are effectively addressed.


We promote member businesses by celebrating their achievements through local media, our newsletters, website, and social platforms. At events, members can showcase to peers and the community. Supporting growth, we provide references and leverage our partnership with Business NSW. By sharing success stories, we foster a community of growth and inspiration.


Join our vibrant community of creative and responsive businesspeople at our networking events and industry-specific forums, where we open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and growth. Committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders and uniting businesses for a common purpose, we contribute to and safeguard our home, community, and culture.

What is in it for me?

 As a member of the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce, we are here to support you through your business journey. Our goal is to provide opportunities to help you launch, scale, and grow with the help of our community members and connections. 

Did you know that by joining the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce, you also get access to our Business NSW Alliance benefits?

If you have human resources issues or questions relating to industrial relations laws, you have access to the Business NSW helpline* as well as other great initiatives brought to you by Business NSW. LEARN MORE

About Us

Welcome to the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce! Dedicated to making Byron business better, we foster collaboration and growth, supporting prosperity and community well-being. 

Representing member businesses on local issues, we provide advocacy, solve problems, and offer confidential feedback. We promote and celebrate member achievements through various platforms, sharing success stories to inspire our community. Join our vibrant networking events and forums to create opportunities for partnership and development. Committed to nurturing leaders and uniting businesses, we actively contribute to the Byron Shire community. 

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